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Dear Bekir,

You have asked me to provide you/BWC Construction Ltd with a reference in order for you to show to a prospective client(s).

Our company, Light Space Properties Ltd, has employed BWC Construction Ltd to undertake the entire construction contract at our latest development project at 112 Peckham Rye – the development of 7 flats within a former bank building. The sum of the building works is for an amount of £920,000.

I would say that working with BWC Construction Ltd has been a very comfortable experience for us, not least of all as we have been able to stand back and leave you to get on to complete the job which you have done without fuss or delay.

As you will recall there was a substantial amount of technical and structural detail that you had to undertake on our building due to the complications with its structure. This was an area for us which we were initially very concerned about due to the level of complexities with the work that was due to be undertaken. As a result, I am very pleased to say how effectively BWC Construction Ltd was in dealing with these unforeseen hurdles and also did so with the level of competence that they were completed too.

Furthermore, we have found that the employees and sub-contractors that BWC Construction Ltd that employed on our project to be of a very high caliber and also consist of some very decent individuals whom we have both grown to like and also trust throughout our experience of working with your company. This is something that has been lacking for us on previous experiences of working with builders where building trust and quality of workmanship have been an issue. On that basis, we are very relieved of our experience this time around with BWC Construction Ltd.

It is without any doubt in mind that we would recommend BWC Construction Ltd to any prospective clients whom you may be in discussions with in relation to securing future building projects. Whilst I can also


Say from our own perspective that we will undoubtedly be wishing to use BWC Construction Ltd on our own future projects on the strength of our experience to date.

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